Dear Potential Client/Friend,
Thank you for your reviewing our website. If you have any questions after reviewing it, please call us and we will do our best to resolve all of your concerns. It means a lot to us that you took the time to think about us as your potential Architect.
We are proud to be recognized as a national award winning Architecture firm for outstanding achievement in traditional design. We specialize in shingle style coastal Architecture with clean, light filled, and airy interiors.
Our goal as your Architect is to create an atmosphere, which will enhance the quality of life, respect human kind, encourage people to engage in activities, and provide a safe and secure haven, all while being sensitive to the environment.
We provide full Architectural Services including:

Pre Design: We talk about rules/regulations, budget, programming, design criteria.

Master Planning: We create a Master plan for your entire estate so that the main residence, accessory building(s), and landscape features relate to the land. We want the outdoor spaces (ie. the terraces, pools, etc.) to connect with the inside rooms so that they appear larger and relate to nature better. We coordinate with Landscape Architects and designers to bring these ideas to reality for you.

Historic Preservation: We are very sensitive to existing buildings and their details. We have a strong relationship with the state historic board as well as many local historic preservation societies. For all renovations, we produce a full set of existing drawings so that the current conditions are documented.

Interior Architecture and Design: We believe that the exterior of the building should seamlessly integrate with the interiors and we design comfortable spaces filled with character.

Town Planning and Subdivision Design: We design subdivisions to create a sense of pride and of place for the community.

Pre Application Regulations: We work with the site engineers on CRMC, DEM, and town/state regulatory boards to streamline the process and gain easier approvals for your project.

Construction Documents: We are highly regarded within the industry for our builder-friendly and realistic Construction Document sets. We present all the information in a complete, easy to read, and efficient manner allowing builders to save time and money on site. Each of our sets are completely custom and average 50 or more sheets per set.

Construction Administration: We provide site visits and progress reports distributed to the Client - Interior Designer - Builder team throughout construction.

THE 'DIMAURO ARCHITECT' DIFFERENCE: We feel that what sets us apart from other firms is our “realistic approach” to designing your home. It is your budget, personality, program, and site that drives our design for you.
Collaboration is one of our biggest strength for our clients. By working together on your design, you get the best of each of us backed by 75 yrs of combined experience in the residential design and construction field. We feel in our hearts that you cannot get a better more sensitive team to design your new home.
We have developed a system that celebrates each of our strengths and this is what you are paying us for: Great design, functional design, affordable design, eco-friendly design, structurally sound design all within your budget. To us, this is the mark of a great Architect and we are proud to offer these services to you. We invite you to read more about our design team here.