Dear Potential Client/Friend:

Welcome to our website. I started in the residential building industry about 30 years ago as a partner with my father in his design/build company. We designed and built over 200 homes together. Ten years later, in 1996, I started my own Architectural firm with several goals in mind. In summary, I wanted to become an Architect who makes a difference in this world. I wanted to connect with my clients on such a deep level that our designs would actually reflect their soul and give them a comfort so powerful that it would live in their hearts and lives forever. That was and continues to be my dream along with my team of designers.
1. Connecting with the human spirit: To truly listen to our clients wants and needs, not just hear them, but find out why they were feeling that way inside. By allowing us to enter into their inner space, we can help them design a space to the fullest.
For Example – cooking: We aim to go deeper and learn how they liked to cook - Do they clean up right away or do they make a total mess (being creative) and then clean up after dinner? This information influences the kitchen layout and one design may work but the other design would complement their lifestyle and actually make it more enjoyable to cook dinner. This is what we strive for - a design that enhances the quality of your everyday life.
2. We want our clients to feel connected with his/her home: not just feel protected from the elements, but to be one with the elements (nature). When a person is connected with nature, they feel at peace, they feel grounded and everything makes sense again. This feeling is important to give to our clients.
3. We want to be able to design our client’s home within their financial means: No matter how much money a person has or does not have, they deserve a custom home that is made for them and them alone. A house that celebrates their own personal lifestyle and a house that makes their day-to-day operations easier and more enjoyable. We are proud to say that we stay within our client’s budget 90% of the time. This is hard to do but, together, it is possible.
4. One of our top priorities as Architects is to be sensitive to Mother Nature. We design homes with her rather than against her. This sensitive approach rewards our clients beyond their own imaginations. The site tells us so many things and we just need to be able to hear them: How to capture her beautiful views, how to take advantage of her wonderful winds (summer and winter), how to understand her sun’s path. Natural light is so important to each and every one of us. Light actually affects the human spirit. Just think how wonderful you feel sitting in the sunlight at your favorite spot, soaking up the sun's rays. It is very peaceful, (even if we cannot always explain why), but we want to capture this feeling for you inside your home. We understand how powerful that can be and how it enhances the experience of that space for you.
SUMMARY: As a design company, we have over 75 years of experience in the architecture and building industry. We love designing homes for clients - we become so invested in each project and family, going above and beyond to ensure that not only the design process is exciting and fun, but the construction process continually exceeds our clients' expectations. We know that designing and building a house is a big deal - there are a lot of questions to be answered and it can easily get overwhelming, but it does not have to be that way. We have designed over 450 custom homes and know houses inside and out and this has allowed us to turn it into a fun experience.
HOW DO WE MAKE IT FUN? We purposely slow the process down so that it allows you take the time you need to make design decisions so you do not feel rushed. We work in baby steps to help you focus on the larger issues first and then funnel down into more specific choices. We understand that this is one of the biggest investment of your life and we respect that very much. We understand that choosing the right Architect is a critical first step because it is a big investment and you need a lot of faith to pay a large sum of money for a design of an unknown house. You need to know in your heart that this Architect is the right choice for you before you can commit to them. We get it and all we ask for is a chance to show you why we feel that we are the best Architect for you. Stop by for a free visit to meet us and get to know our process in more depth. Once you do, you will be impressed with our dedication, integrity and talent.
Thank you for thinking of RFD Architects for your dream home. We can't wait to meet you,

Warm Regards,

Tyler Zagryn
Laurie Keene
John Tumino
Ron DiMauro AIA